Sample Programmes

People to People Safaris specialise in tailoring safaris to the guest's requirements. We aim to integrate the natural attractions of Tanzania together with cultural aspects. Generally clients visit the country to taste rural Tanzania village life, but also enter national parks for game viewing. There are other opportunities too for other experiences like excursions to historical sites, city tours, trekking and beach recreations.

To assist you in deciding what safari is right for you, we have made an assortment of sample itineraries that range from five to fourteen days. Click on the safari name for a day-by-day itinerary.

Budget Costs

P2P Standard Safari A - 8 Days Northern Tanzania

This is a standard tour for a meaningful introduction to the people and wildlife of northern Tanzania. Tours to about four different tribal societies enable the visitor to interact with the local people and learn their history. For wildlife, preference is given to the two big names - Ngorongoro and Serengeti - but leaves options for the addition of Lake Manyara or Tarangire National Parks. The itinerary is designed in such a way that it can easily be supplemented with other programmes like Zanzibar, Pangani or climbing Kilimanjaro to complete a two-week safari in Tanzania.

Wildlife, Culture, Community Projects & Short Country Walks

US$ 2000 per person in a group of from 4 pax

P2P Standard Safari B - 8 Days Northern Tanzania

Similar to Standard Safari A, except visiting Babati/Tarangire

Wildlife, Culture, Sightseeing & Babati

US$ 2200 per person in a group of from 4 pax

P2P Zanzibar - 6 Days

Zanzibar is a beautiful East African island that lies in the Indian Ocean, about 40km off the mainland of Tanzania. The attractions of the island include the antique stone town in the west of the island and the pristine beaches at the other ends. Other attractions include dhows and the fishing canoes, tropical plantations, spices, forest reserves and narrow streets. It is easy to get to Zanzibar from the mainland by air or sea.
Beach relaxation, swim with dolphins, Spice tour.

US$ 1875 per person in a group of from 4 pax

P2P Pangani - 6 Days

Marked with decaying slave buildings, Swahili barazas, coconut trees and modern beach resorts, Pangani is a coastal town carrying both the vestiges of the past and the promise of tomorrow. Lying 50 km south of Tanga and at the mouth of River Pangani, the town was one of the big bases of the 19th century long distance trade and so reflects well the history of East Africa. After the decline of the trade, the town succumbed into silence, making it an ideal place for a quiet holiday.
Beach relaxation, historical Pangani, Game drive

US$ 1450 per person in a group of from 4 pax


This programme is a combination of trekking, Barabaig culture, wildlife and sightseeing. It takes clients into inner rural Tanzania and portrays the traditional African life in societies that have been very little influenced by modern values. It serves well as a supplement to other programmes to complete a longer stay in Tanzania.

Hanang Trekking, Barabaig & Iraqw traditions,

Rift Valley Scenery,

Tarangire National Park

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This is a heroic trek that makes one the conqueror of the highest point on the African Continent. The trek takes three days to climb from the park gate to the summit, and two days to descend, but it is optional to add one extra day during the ascent for the reason of acclimatizing to alpine conditions. The climbers are accompanied by guides, porters and cooks. For the nights, climbers stay in special solar-lit huts along the famous Marangu route. Hot heavy meals are served for dinners and breakfast
Conquering the Roof of Africa

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This is more than a matter of taking just pictures; it is an adventure into inner Africa. Select excursions enable visitors to get into some of the remotest parts of Tanzania to get the last snap of the fading traditional Africa. The visitor is accompanied by a local amateur photographer who guides the tour, with reciprocal expectations of learning new skills from the visitor.

Calm countryside

Traditional homesteads.


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This is a special programme for college students from abroad who intend to make an exciting group or individual visit to Tanzania. The programme has opportunity for both the groups that come for a mere holiday break and those that beside the holiday have educational purposes to fulfill.

Select excursions and

Countryside activities.

Options for camping & homestays

Budget price that depends on duration of the programme and size of the group.


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