The Swahili Coast is the fascinating coast of East Africa from Mombasa to Kilwa and beyond, plus the romantic off-shore islands of Mafia, Pemba and Zanzibar. It is that part of East Africa where years of mingling of peoples, both from the interior and the outside world, developed the Swahili Culture, and indeed, carved the history of this part of Africa. The Swahili Coast is then an ideal place to admire the rich Swahili heritage along with the exciting East African past. Yet, the beautiful beaches, blue ocean and palm trees make it a special place for a holiday retreat, especially after completing a long wildlife safari in the interior. For our case, Zanzibar and Pangani are the selected spots on the Swahili Coast for People to People Safaris.


Zanzibar is a beautiful East African island that lies in the Indian Ocean about 40km off the mainland of Tanzania. It is a romantic and historical island that for centuries beckoned over visitors from the Arabian peninsular, Persia, the Orient, Europe and even inner East Africa. Indeed, Zanzibar is a crossroad of cultures.

The attractions of the island, first and foremost, include the antique Stone town in the west of the island and the pristine untouched beaches at the other ends. Other attractions include dhows and the fishing canoes, tropical plantations and the forest reserves, colourful people and narrow streets.


Marked with decaying slave buildings, Swahili Barazas, coconut trees and modern beach resorts, Pangani is a coastal town carrying both the vestiges of the past and the promise of tomorrow. Lying 50km South of Tanga and at the mouth of River Pangani, the town was one of the big bases of the 19th century Long Distance Trade and so portrays fundamental elements of the East African history. After the decline of the trade the town succumbed into silence, only to emerge in the new millennium as an ideal place for a holiday break.

Activities in Pangani include guided historical tours, visiting Swahili homes and meeting the local fishermen. Longer day trips include a visit to Tanga town plus the strange Amboni Caves, and a trek in Amani Nature Reserve.

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