Our Safaris

We specialise in tailoring our safaris to suit your individual requirements and interests. You can choose a mix of cultural and wildlife and trekking activities, only limited by how long you choose to spend in Tanzania. Read the information below to get some ideas, or jump straight to look at some sample programmes

Cultural Safaris

Cultural safaris involve visits to local tribal communities in rural areas. There are large number of tribes with very different historical background and cultures within easy travel distance of our Arusha office, including the pastoral Maasai and Barabaig, the athletic Iraqw of Mbulu highlands, and the agricultural Bantu tribes like the Chagga, Meru and Shambaa on the slopes of the mountains.

A typical cultural tour includes things like calling at a tribal village in a rural setting...[More...]

Wildlife Safaris

Tanzania is one of the finest places on earth to see herds of the big mammals, families of predators, diverse species of birds, and wildebeest migrations in a traditional African Safari. Wildlife safaris through our programmes are mainly centred in the Northern Circuit. The Northern Circuit ...[More...]

Trekking Adventure

We arrange both short country walks and long treks, including mountain expeditions. Our walking programme is designed with a focus on country scenery, surprises of nature, cultural interactions and the very aspect of walking as a recreational exercise. It is a multi-faceted experience in the paths of the villages, plains and mountains.

For short day trips, we... [More...]

Swahili Coast Holiday

The Swahili Coast is the fascinating coast of East Africa from Mombasa to Kilwa and beyond, plus the romantic off-shore islands of Mafia, Pemba and Zanzibar. It is that part of East Africa where years of mingling of peoples, both from the interior and the outside world, developed the Swahili Culture, and indeed, carved the history of this part of Africa. The Swahili Coast is then an ideal place to admire the rich Swahili heritage along with the exciting East African past.a....[More...]
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