About Us

Director Tatah Mlola started the company in 2001 and it has already grown into a popular local tour company. We are different from most tour companies as we specialise in giving visitors an experiences of African people and cultures. We are small and our goal is simple - to provide the best service to our guests. Our fair prices, expert leadership and excellent service will make your dream come true!

Why Choose 'People To People'

- We work with you to make exciting itineraries that integrate wildlife attractions of Tanzania with experiences of rural village life plus adventures of Country walks.

- Guests travel in small groups and are accompanied by guides proficient in the history and customs of the people.

- We improve the life of the local people in rural village communities which we visit.

- Our friendly and committed staff are assisted by volunteer associates <http> in the U.K. and Norway who aim to promote appropriate forms of tourism. These associates are unpaid, and all proceeds from the safari business remain in Tanzania, helping to assist the local economy in a sustainable way.

People to People Safaris is run and monitored by People to People Tourism Services, a small family business that deals with travel, culture, history, safari news and tour-guiding in northern Tanzania. Outside Tanzania, People to People Tourism Services works with experienced travel associates who, apart from promoting this form of tourism, offer advice on quality control. These associates abroad can also be contacted for extra information.

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