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As we start a new decade, we are overjoyed to tell you the past ten years of People to People Tourism Services have been a period of hope. Apart from outfitting tours for international visitors to Tanzania, P2P has also prepared the official publication of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators and the information brochure about Arusha Town, as well as holding to its mission as a community-based tourism enterprise. The achievements of our small travel company in the past ten years are as follows:

Tumaini Home

Dora with her kindergarten children

Mr Anda pushing Namelock

Habiba (in black) joins the group in Oct 2010

Since its inception in 2001, P2P Tourism Services has been involved in community activities that expanded over the years to an extent that called for a special organization to handle its charity affairs. One of the community projects that has taken off is Tumaini Home, a centre for disabled children of Monduli District in northern Tanzania. Tumaini Home brings hope to girls living in difficult and vulnerable surroundings. It is mainly concerned with the rehabilitation of physically disabled children, creation of jobs for school leavers, and providing education support for girls living in impoverished communities and vulnerable to early marriage.

Tumaini Home is located in Losirwa Village in Mto wa Mbu, on the Ngorongoro Highway, a few meters from the junction to Lake Natron. The construction of Tumaini Home is currently ongoing. The houses already built include a dormitory block, a kitchen & store house, an outside shade area for rest and recreation and a small hut for poultry. The main house and administration office are nearly finished.

Tumaini Home is currently taking care of 10 children: two in boarding secondary schools, four using the centre as a full-time home, three using the centre for hygiene/basic day classes, and one albino girl being supported until a kindergarten is established near Usa River.

At the moment, Tumaini receives funds from a charity organization in Norway and donations from some friends abroad who have heard of the centre. The centre has also received donations from visitors who come to Tanzania through P2P Safaris.

The Ways of the Tribe book cover

The Ways of the Tribe - A Souvenir Book for Visitors to Northern Tanzania

Finally the long book project of P2P Safaris became a reality with the publication of The Ways of the Tribe at the end of last year. The book explores the ancestral land and culture of indigenous tribes of north-eastern Tanzania and highlights the attractions of rural Tanzania.

Enhanced with descriptions of physical features and supported by colour photographs and drawings, the flow of the book takes the reader across a kaleidoscopic African setting that reveals both the beauty of the land and the beauty of its people. The book is written to be of interest to a wide readership, including visitors eager to find out about African cultures and students pursuing anthropology and related studies. Moreover, it is a specific guide to the attractions in the areas surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Ngorongoro Crater, the Rift Valley and the Eastern Arc Mountains of Usambara and Pare.

The book is available in all the major bookshops of Arusha, Moshi, Dar es Salaam and Iringa. More information about the book can be found at www.waysofthetribe.com

Lake Manyara Country House

Country House

In order to cater for visitors who want to stay in Tanzania for a long time and at a reasonable cost, P2P has, in the past three years, started a guesthouse project to address this need. The house received a few groups of visitors last year though construction work is still going on. When the first phase of the project is completed in June this year, the house will be able to accommodate comfortably six visitors at once.

The house is in the middle of a village so as to give visitors a touch of true African life and it is run as a home-stay facility as opposed to a normal guesthouse or lodge. The house serves as a centre for country walks and day trips to the less-visited attractions of the Rift Valley. Day trips include excursions to Lake Manyara, the stone ruins of Engaruka, Kambi ya Simba Escarpment and full-day crater tours to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Overnight trips include camping in Maasai kraals and trips to Lake Natron

Publication of Safari News

Recent Twiga Times coverr

P2P Tourism Services got the tender to produce Twiga Times through an advertisement in the newspaper in 2007. Twiga Times is the official newsletter of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators and is produced three times every year. The aim of the magazine is to communicate with tour operators and travel agents and provide them with news and information that is useful in the development of tourism in Tanzania.

The Association is comprised of around 250 members involved in the tourism industry, making it the largest organization of tourism investors in Tanzania.

Small World

Our company started with visitors from the UK and Norway. It is interesting how word went round and brought guests from other parts of the world in the past three or four years. Though we keep on receiving small groups, about five in a year, the list of our guests now includes visitors from South Korea, Germany, Australia, U.S.A. and India.

We have had an interesting time with all groups that came for P2P Safaris, but suffice it to mention here that Professor David King’s visit with his wife from Australia had a big effect on our future plans. David did everything: wildlife safari, cultural tours, Kilimanjaro Trek and Zanzibar holiday. His long expedition lasted from the last week in December 2009 until early January 2010. After the expedition, David sent us suggestions that have encouraged us to start the new decade with renewed spirit. We are re-designing our programmes and activities to offer more interesting itineraries and experiences. We thank all who travelled with us in the past and welcome you back in the new decade. All the best and thank you very much.
- P2P Team.

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